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Best Tofu Brands In The UK

Dear tofu-haters, don’t be so quick to judge tofu before you’ve truly given it a chance! It is such a versatile ingredient that it’s almost impossible to say that you dislike it. There are various brands, types and methods of cooking tofu - there’s certain to be at least one version you enjoy.

Tofu is made using a process that’s similar to cheese-making by coagulating soy milk. It originated in China thousands of years ago and continues to be a staple in many Asian cuisines. So if you think that tofu is solely for vegans and vegetarians, then think again! Summer rolls, teriyaki tofu, inari, tofu scramble, sushi bowls, stir fry, curry, pad thai are all common dishes that utilise this wondrous ingredient. 

The types of tofu vary from silken to extra firm. Basically, the firmer the tofu is, the less water content it has. But that’s not where the variety ends, oh no. You can also prepare tofu in numerous ways, for example, scrambled, fried in cubes, baked, air fried, deep-fried, boiled, you name it! Fortunately, we’re blessed with many tofu brands here in the UK, and these are some of the best. 


Taifun uses 100% organic soybeans derived from Central Europe. Their tofu comes in several varieties: “Natural and Smoked”, “Mediterranean and Specialities”, “Tofu Filets” and “Sausages”. The sausages make excellent hot dog substitutes - perfect for a barbecue! You would never guess they were made from tofu. 


Clearspot tofu is locally produced (North Yorkshire) with 100% organic soya beans. Their product is made by hand using a traditional Japanese recipe and comes in varieties such as “Original”, “Smoked”, “Marinated”, and “Oriental”. They also offer burgers and ‘fish’ cakes made from tofu! 


Cauldron has been providing customers with exceptionally tasting products for 40 years and is still one of the best-known tofu brands on the market. Their range has a wide variety of products, all made from sustainable organic tofu. They sell marinated tofu pieces, tofu blocks, and even Greek-style cubes made from tofu. 


Clearspring is one of the pioneers of organic fine foods. They’ve been a family business since 1993 and now boast over 300 organic products. The Clearspring tofu is award-winning, and the company claims it tastes as good as the fresh kind made in Japan! 


Yet another award-winning tofu brand is Dragonfly. Their product is handmade in the UK using an authentic Japanese method. Dragonfly tofu comes in varieties such as “Smoked”, “Medium Texture”, “Super-Firm” and “Marinated”.


If you’re looking for tofu that’s already prepared, look no further than Bonsan. They have created something called Kofu Steak, which is made with fermented kombucha tofu. This process upgrades the digestibility and flavour of the tofu. Bonsan also has a scrambled tofu product which is a marvellous addition to an English Fry Up. 

Now, Let’s Cook!

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Teriyaki Tofu

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23 Aug 2021
Jenny Edwards

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