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Our Guide To Having A Jolly Vegan Christmas

Being vegan is easier now than it has ever been. Food that's free from animal products is accessible for most people, and the taste has advanced massively. Gone are the days when vegans had to survive on falafel wraps and chips! Also, the internet is packed with free vegan recipes for you to experiment with and articles offering up advice, too (just like this one). 

You shouldn't have to dread an occasion simply because your diet is different from everyone else's. Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, which means that there's no room for stressing about the food! That's why I've put together this handy guide of tips and advice to help you have a super relaxed, festive vegan Christmas this year.

Lots of research

I get it; research isn't exactly festive. However, your future self will thank you for being prepared, and it'll all be worth it on Christmas day when you're tucking into your delicious dinner. So dedicate some time each week (or day) to scrolling through social media like Pinterest and Instagram, watching YouTube videos, and fill your brain with all the info and recipe inspiration you need to give yourself the plant-powered Christmas you deserve! 

Join Facebook groups

Vegan Facebook groups are a godsend. I'm not saying that you have to post in these groups if you don't want to, you can be a silent watcher that picks up lots of helpful tips, news, and advice. During my 4+ years of being vegan, I have found out about the majority of exciting plant-based food launches through Facebook groups!

Buy ahead of time and freeze

Vegan alternatives sell out quickly all year round, and even quicker at Christmas! It's bittersweet because it means that the movement is growing, but it also means that you might miss out on vegan 'pigs in blankets'. My advice would be to buy what you want as early as possible and stick it in the freezer to avoid disappointment.

Share with family and friends

It's always fun and rewarding to introduce people to vegan food for the first time and see the surprise on their faces once they realise it tastes incredible. After being in the world of veganism for so long, it's easy to forget that there are still lots of people out there that aren't familiar with the diet and lifestyle yet.

Find vegan recipes and experiment

Practising new vegan recipes ahead of time is a win-win situation because you will have perfected the dish by the time Christmas comes around, and it's also an excuse to feast on festive food before the big day.

Go wild with side dishes and nibbles

There aren't many classic Christmassy side dishes and nibbles that you can't veganize or find vegan in the supermarkets. From cauliflower cheese to Yorkshire puddings, you'll likely find a plant-based recipe or product out there for almost anything. Vegan gammon roast, anyone?

Buy an impressive centrepiece

The centrepiece is arguably the most important part of Christmas dinner, so it needs to be good! Fortunately, more and more options appear on the market each year, from vegan turkey to the classic nut roast. 

If you're a lover of whole foods and fancy something healthy, I'd recommend a nut roast or lentil loaf. However, if you're a lover of everything faux meats, then you can't go wrong with the classic Tofurky Roast or Linda McCartney's beef loaf.


Having Christmas dinner at someone else's house can be daunting when you have different dietary requirements, but don't be afraid to let the host know. There are a few things in a Christmas dinner that can easily be made vegan, for example, making the stuffing without sausage meat and roasting the potatoes in oil instead of goose fat. I would recommend bringing a couple of dishes yourself, too. It will be a nice gesture and a good backup if your host isn't able to find your favourite plant-based foods.

18 Dec 2020
Jenny Edwards

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