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Tag: plant-based eggs

What's The Difference Between Plant Based and Vegan?

Although a meal plan for a plant-based diet may look remarkably similar to a meal plan for a vegan diet, there are key differences to note.

  • Sep 8, 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

What Are Vegan Eggs & How Do You Use Them?

Vegans have long been using plant-based ingredients to mimic the function of eggs, from flaxseed to apple sauce, so there isn't one sole ingredient that represents vegan eggs.

  • Aug 31, 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

9 Recipes That Flexitarians Will Fall In Love With

If you consider yourself a bit of a flexitarian (or reducetarian), carry on reading to discover some plant-based recipes that'll make your mouth water!

  • Aug 24, 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

A Plant-Based Picnic Guide

Whether you’re dreaming of a picnic that’s light and airy or one that’s laden with junk foods, I have got the perfect product and recipe ideas for you to enjoy!

  • Aug 24, 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

How To Make The Ultimate Vegan Lasagne

If you’re currently dreaming about the perfect plant-based lasagne, carry on reading to discover my top tips that will make your dreams come true!

  • Aug 5, 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

Top Plant-Based Meat Products For Family Dinners

If you’re introducing your family to plant-based meats for the first time, here are some of the top products you must try!

  • Jun 22, 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

What Can You Eat As A Vegan?

So what exactly do vegans eat if we can't eat anything that has come from an animal? The short answer is, lots of things!

  • Jun 17, 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

Reasons To Start Cooking With Tofu

Tofu isn't something to simply chop into cubes and fry up with a dash of seasoning. I mean, you can certainly eat it like that if you want to, but it can also be whatever you make it!

  • Apr 22, 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

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