The Best Vegan Cheese for Festive Cheese Boards

A cheeseboard at Christmas is a British tradition, regardless of whether you're vegan or not. Enjoying drinks, snacks, and a well-put-together cheese board is what the holiday season is all about. Thankfully, there’s more variety than ever regarding dairy-free cheeses, whether you're a fan of stilton, camembert, or plain old cheddar. 

If you're eating a plant-based diet or want to increase your consumption of plant-based foods, you certainly won't be experiencing any food FOMO this year. So treat yourself and your family to a classic, abundant cheese board with lots of varied tastes and textures! 

Applewood - Smoky Vegan Cheese Alternative Block 

Applewood's Smoky Cheese is one of the most accessible alternatives and also one of the tastiest. It melts smoothly to perfection and is a great addition to any cheese board.

Mouse's Favourite - Camembert Artisan Vegan Style Cheese

Mouse's Favourite Camembert was an instant hit ever since its launch in 2016 and even won the Best Dairy-Free Cheese in the Peta Vegan Food Awards 2017. So if you're looking for an authentic alternative to camembert, this is where your search ends! It's made with a cashew base and has a realistic rind and soft creamy centre. 

MozzaRisella - Vegan Mozzarella - MozzaRisella Classic 

MozzaRisella is renowned for its mozzarella alternative. It's creamy, light and smooth, just like the original dairy version. Sure, mozzarella isn't the most traditional cheese for the Christmas season, but it's fabulous on a starter salad or a cheeseboard. Think outside of the box this Christmas!

Tyne Chease - Smoked Vegan Creamed Cheese

Tyne Chease create incredible organic, nut-based products for cheese lovers, such as this Smoked Creamed Cheese. It's perfectly creamy, just the right amount of smoky, and has a distinct paprika flavour. 

Bute Island Sheese Creamy 100% Dairy Free Cheese - Garlic & Herb Vegan Cheese Spread

Sheese's Garlic & Herb is an award-winning spreadable cheese made with coconut oil. You'll love it on top of your toast or bagel on Christmas morning or spread onto fancy crackers after dinner!

Green Vie - Blue Cheese Block 

Get the full GreenVie experience by adding their gorgeous Blue Cheese Block on a wooden board with plum jam and all of your favourite cheeses and bread. This product offers all of the rich, nutty and savoury tastes of blue cheese without any of the dairy. 

Kinda Co - Garlic + Herb 

Kinda Co's artisan Garlic + Herb is a creamy cultured cashew cheese with a vibrantly pink beetroot layer.

Applewood & Ilchester - Vegan Festive Cheese Selection

The Ilchester® Vegan Festive Selection features multi-award-winning Applewood Vegan and three new flavours, including the Mexicana Vegan Spicy Cheese and New Ilchester Melting Mature Cheddar Vegan, and New Ilchester Blue Vegan Cheese Alternative (with blue spirulina vein). This selection box is not only a wonderful addition to your Christmas cheese board but also makes a lovely gift! 

Mouse's Favourite - Aged Dulse Artisan Vegan Cheese

This Aged Dulse is one of the firmest and most decadent cheeses in Mouse's Favourite range. It's coated in a deep purple wax which echoes the colour of the dulse flakes inside. The cheese is made from organic cashews and aged for weeks to develop an irresistible umami flavour. 
2 Dec 2021
Jenny Edwards

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