Tips On Going Vegan When You Have Minimal Time

Vegans live all sorts of lifestyles, from school children studying for exams to CEOs that are always on the go. There’s no right way to live as a vegan as we come from all walks of life. Which means, if you often find that time runs away from you, that doesn’t mean veganism can’t be a reality. 

First of all, congratulations for wanting to test the waters as a vegan! Do not ever doubt your capabilities, because you’ve come so far already. Switching up your entire diet might seem like an impossible task, but millions of people have done the same thing. For me, going vegan just felt ‘right’ and it was an easy transition - so you may be the exact same. 

However, to ease your concerns further, I have put together a list of ways to make this lifestyle change as easy as possible for you. 

Research Meal Plans

Compile a balanced meal plan that meets your nutrition needs. You can base your meal plan on meals you like to eat, whether it’s spaghetti bolognese or jacket potato, and then you can find vegan versions of those meals. However, if you don’t have the time, look for a curated vegan meal plan online. Some of these you’ll have to pay for, but there are free options available. 


Prepare for super hectic days by always having healthy snacks on hand that will energise you throughout the day. Fruit, nuts, yoghurt, breakfast bars are all fantastic ideas. But you can also put together snacks, like hummus with pitta, peanut butter with apples, or mini salad wraps. 

Cook In Batches

When you’re at work and know you have a delicious meal already cooked in your fridge is one of the best feelings ever. Many people prefer to batch cook on Sunday’s, but you can do whatever day works best for you.

Pre-Packaged Foods

When you lead a busy life, it can be easy to fall into bad habits such as eating processed foods more than whole foods. However, sometimes, it has to be done! Unless you are following an ultra-clean diet, do not feel guilty about having to succumb to pre-packed meals occasionally. Balance is key!

Use The Freezer

Food shopping is the last thing you want to do when you’ve had a hard day. So when you have a spare moment to head to the shops, buy in bulk to freeze a lot of it! Also, buy frozen fruit and vegetables instead of fresh (but of course, have fresh sometimes because there’s nothing better). 

Eat Out

Eating out isn’t something you have to miss out on as a vegan. Many mainstream restaurants have dedicated vegan menus, and you can even find vegan ‘beef’ burgers in fast-food restaurants! If your favourite restaurant doesn’t have vegan options yet, email them to let them know there’s a demand for it. 

Buy A Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is like your own personal chef. You can prepare the ingredients and add everything in, then leave for work, and it’ll be ready by the time you’re back. Et voilà!

Meal Subscription Boxes

Meal subscription boxes are the new craze in modern life, proving how common it is to lead a busy lifestyle. However, they are not only perfect for people that lack time, but they’re also great for those who do not enjoy cooking! Allplants, Mindful Chef, and Vibrant Vegan are all companies that provide nutritious, simple vegan meals. 

3 Dec 2021
Jenny Edwards

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