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Top Vegan Advent Calendars For Christmas 2021

One of the highlights of December is having chocolate for breakfast. Sure, it’s not a tonne of chocolate, but it’s enough to start the day off just right. Don’t you think?

Even if you’re not the biggest chocolate fan, there are still vegan advent calendars out there for you! So whether you’re a caramel chocolate kind of person or a fiend for sweets, there’s an advent calendar that will tickle your fancy. So let the countdown to Christmas begin! 

Moo Free - Dairy Free Chocolate Advent Calendar

Moo Free are champions of plant-based chocolate, and their advent calendars are solid proof of that. Each bite is like your taste buds have been transported to a creamy, sweet milk-free paradise. This calendar is, without a doubt, the perfect choice for chocolate lovers. 

Divine - Deliciously Smooth Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar 

This advent calendar from Divine is for all the dark chocolate lovers out there! It’s deliciously rich, creamy, and behind every window, there’s an interesting fact. 

Candy Kittens - Advent Calendar Tree

They say all good things come in trees, right? Well, they do now. Allow me to introduce you to Candy Kittens’ 3D Christmas Advent Calendar Tree! This calendar is packed with tasty vegan gourmet sweets, including flavours from the brand new Gourmies range. Candy Kittens have also teamed up with TreeSisters, a social change and reforestation charity, on a mission to accelerate reforestation. This means, for every advent calendar you buy, they’ll be planting a tree!

Moo Free - White Choccy Advent Calendar 

Vegan white chocolate is just as sweet, creamy, and milky as the dairy variety. So if you’re more of a white chocolate fan, then Moo Free’s calendar is just the thing for you.

NOMO - Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar

Not only is NOMO’s advent calendar beautifully presented, but it’s also filled with a selection of caramel and sea salt chocolate and creamy chocolate. What could be better?! This calendar is perfect for people on special diets as it’s free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts. 

Montezuma - Milk Chocolate Alternative Children’s Advent Calendar 

Montezuma’s advent calendar is chocolate like no udder! It’s as smooth, creamy, and as high in cocoa as Montezuma’s regular milk chocolate but without milk. 

NOMO - Premium Caramel Advent 

No one likes missing out, and the NOMO Caramel advent calendar is the perfect way to celebrate this festive season. Filled with 24 caramel pieces and a caramel choc bar, it really will feel like Christmas every day!

Cocoa Libre - Rice Milk Chocolate Vegan Advent Calendar 

If you’re looking out for a luxurious option for Christmas, Cocoa Libre has got your back with its gorgeous milk chocolate advent calendar. Their calendar features 24 festive chocolate shapes like reindeer, stars and Christmas trees. 

Monty Bojangles - Truffle Advent Calendar

This Monty Bojangles advent calendar has three different flavours of luxury truffles that are individually wrapped and dusted with vegan chocolate. The flavours include Cocoa Nib Nights (truffle with cocoa nibs), Cocoberry Blush (raspberry and coconut) and Caramel Haze (caramel and hazelnut truffle). 

10 Nov 2021
Jenny Edwards

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