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Scroll down for 12 Small, Purposeful & Kind brands!

TVK Farmers Market - Where We Pioneer The Purposeful

We need more brands that change the way we buy and consume, so together we can build a sustainable food economy. That's why at TVK, we have set up our Farmers Market to support the most innovative and game-changing brands run by bold and courageous founders. We select brands that follow great ideas and work hard to make them a reality. We want to help them and that's why we proudly present them to you - the equally like-minded sustainable consumers. Scroll down to check out our Superhero Brands!

Small brands act BIG

We have hand-picked brands that are reimagining the food scene and align with the TVK mission to 'make plant-based living effortless'. These brands stand for a better world. We believe they need more attention, and we want to shout out about them!

Authentic & Transparent

These small brands are more personal, passionate and truthful about themselves. They are not trying to be like the others! They are simply unique. They embrace their founders' values, boldness and purpose. When they say they want to change the world, they really mean it and that's why we love them! <3

Revolutionary products

These innovative brands meet the newly discovered needs of their consumers. They create exceptional products that are better for our health and the planet's well-being. They offer something new and different. These brands & products stand out from the crowd!

Small brands with superpowers

Their products are supercharged with beneficial nutrients from plants. They embody Innovation, diversity, and an incredible determination that drives them to create change. By helping people make better buying choices, we can effect a change on all levels: for us, the animals and the planet.

Pioneering The Purposeful

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