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Plant-based dog food & treats, vegan toys & accessories for your furry friends

Happy & Healthy Dog From Nose To Tail

Our furry friends are always there for us and they deserve the best! If you want your dogs to be healthy from nose to tail and live longer, give them the right animal-friendly food. Plant-based diets are healthier for dogs than conventional meat-based diets, according to recent studies, as long as they are nutritionally complete. Our curated vegan pet products will satisfy all your dogs' needs and feed all the their senses. Here, you will find the best nutritionally complete plant-based dog food, vegan dog treats, shampoos, toys and accessories that your dog will love! Perhaps it's time your dog should try vegan? If animals could talk, they’d talk about it!

Can dogs go vegan?

Dogs are omnivores and they can thrive on a nutritionally complete diet that is based on vegetables, pulses, whole grains and fruits. According to recent studies, plant-based diet for dogs is healthier than conventional meat-based diets and allows your dog to have a long and happy life.

Low environmental paw print

Plant-based diets are a more sustainable choice for our pets. Meat production is a massive contributor to methane emissions, soil and water pollution, deforestation which are driving global warming. Switching your dog to a nutritionally complete plant-based diet helps us get one step closer to a better future.

Benefits of plant-based diet for dogs

Nutritionally balanced plant-based diet can improve your dog's regular body functions keeping them healthy for as long as they live. It helps to improve your dog’s immune system, maintain a healthy gut, and restore energy levels. Additionally, it helps to avoid many common illnesses, reduce obesity and allergies.

Natural ingredients

Our selected plant-based dog foods and treats are made with the best quality natural ingredients. They are packed with plant-based protein, minerals and vitamins. They are low in fat and sodium and don't include any artificial colours or preservatives. Designed to provide your dog with the best nutrition, these products protect strong teeth and bones, aid digestion and shiny fur.

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