162 Vegan Cafes Make York The Healthiest City In The UK
23 Sept 2021 by Agi Kaja

According to new research, York is the healthiest place to live in the UK. The researchers say it could be down to the 162 vegan restaurants available.

The financial services company Bankrate has analysed the amenities surrounding the UK's high streets. Based on the results, the company has created a HealthRate index.

Bankrate has checked how many vegan restaurants, gyms, green spaces, leisure spaces and libraries are on high streets to figure out which one is the healthiest. The company has also counted all the fast-food restaurants, pubs, betting shops, and payday lenders on each high street, to determine which one is the unhealthiest. 

The cities scored points and ranked on the index. York appeared to be the healthiest city in the UK scoring 471 points in total, before Glasgow as second and London as third.

York is home to 162 vegan-friendly restaurants, numerous gyms and parks. Bankrate's research also shows that homes near healthy high streets are valued at £103,491 more on average.

Commenting on results the Bankrate's spokesperson said: "York has been crowned the UK's healthiest place to live largely thanks to the 162 vegan-friendly restaurants on offer.

"Not only that, but the historic city also offers an above-average number of leisure centres to its citizens."

"What's more, York avoided many deducted points as its high street has very few vape shops, pawn brokers and gambling/betting shops," the spokesperson added.

"Missing out on second place by just 17 points is Glasgow. Glasgow has the most gyms surrounding the high street of any other city analysed in this report."

According to the index, the unhealthiest city in the UK is Peterborough which scored minus 104 points.


23 Sept 2021
Agi Kaja

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