180-Year-Old London Pub Is Serving Vegan Sunday Roast
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

The Prince Arthur pub located in East London is now offering a delicious vegan Sunday roast created by a vegan street food company Greenbox. 

Greenbox is a friends-run catering business that has been selling vegan food at events and festivals around the UK.

The vegan company has just started a new kitchen residency in the Shoreditch-based bar and will be serving the ‘London’s best plant-based roast’ every Sunday. 

You can choose from two different vegan-friendly roasts on the menu.

The vegan menu also features the Starters Platter that’s perfect for sharing and consists of a mix of Padrón peppers, vegan sausage rolls, salt and pepper oyster mushrooms and spinach and potato croquettes.

Main dishes include a Walnut, Chestnut Mushroom & Cranberry Wellington or the Foragers Stuffed Squash, both of which are served with maple glazed root veg, garlicky greens, creamy leeks, homemade Yorkshire puddings and a vegan jus.

The perfect way to end your meal is a dessert made from decadent dark chocolate, sea salt and orange mousse.

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, co-founders explained why they decided to offer a vegan version of this classic British meal saying: “It turns out the Sunday Roast was voted as Britain’s second most loved British thing, yet they’ve been on the decline in recent years.

“All three of us grew up with the Sunday roast as a sacred time when our families would always sit down to share great food and quality time together. We want to help save the great tradition of the British Sunday Roast, kicking off a plant-based roast renaissance.”

23 Sept 2021

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