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Vegan Food: Linda McCartney launch two new vegan products

Linda McCartney are one of those brands that consistently frustrate us with their 'almost vegan' products. As an ethical food brand, the logical choice would be for them to be completely vegan and it's a never ending source of annoyance when we glimpse things whilst shopping like the pulled pork burgers that could SO EASILY BE VEGAN if it weren't for the dang honey. Thankfully, much like Quorn, recently they've really been on the ball releasing some brilliant new vegan options. We can't wait for the launch of these newest offerings, which you'll be able to find in store towards the end of this month!

Vegetarian Scampi Bites 

This exciting new addition to the range gives a wonderfully tasty vegan alternative to scampi, with a subtle hint of lemon encased in crispy golden breadcrumbs. We've never tried scampi before, so we'll be interested to give these a go! 

Vegetarian Mini Pork & Apple Sausage Rolls 

Linda McCartney sausage rolls are one of our go to meals when we are feeling like being a little naughty. They are absolutely delicious, especially served with chips, beans, a dollop of ketchup and some veg. We cannot wait to try the newest extension to their sausage roll offering, with the same crisp, layered pastry and rich sausage flavour, this time accompanied by the sweetness of the apple. Yum!

Let us know when you spot these in store! <3

Team TVK x

Sep 23, 2021

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