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Team TVK Tough Mudder 2018

On Sunday half of team TVK, Karris, Scott, Eve, Sebastian, Kate and Jack, had an incredible (and freezing) time taking on Tough Mudder Scotland Full to raise money for a charity which is very close to our heart: Animal Free Research UK. We ran 20km and completed 24 obstacles, including ice baths, running through 10,000 electricity volts and a barbed wire mud crawl, to name a few, in the delightful cold Scottish weather and were challenged both mentally and physically as we powered (okay, at times maybe some were dragged) through the obstacles. 

We hear you, why did we choose to wade through ice baths and craters of mud on a Sunday afternoon? Well, here at Team TVK we are all about teamwork. Tough Mudder threw us out of our comfort zone and built upon our strength as Team TVK. Furthermore, it also provided an excellent opportunity for us to raise money for a charity which is driving ethical, evidence based research to fight, prevent and cure human diseases by investing in the most innovative research which focuses on humans without the use of animals. 

And now the moment we've all been waiting for...Let's laugh at some photographs of us taking on the day! 

Here we go!

(Team TVK at the start line, optimistic and dry.)

Blockness Monster

(Sebastian gliding through the Blockness Monster. Eve, not so much.)

(Eve still in shock from the cold.)

(Scott and Jack making it look easy ft. Kate and Sebastian's hands on the other side.)

Mud Mile


(This is new.)

(There's a lot of different techniques going on here. Just rip the plaster off, eh Sebastian?)

(Eve and Karris taking a leaf out of Sebastian's book.)

(Mud Mile? Completed it mate.)

Electroshock Therapy


Finish Line

(Freezing, sore and delighted.) 


(Yes, cider gets its own category. Sweet, sweet vegan cider.)

Thank you all so much for your support and donations, it means the world to us and helped to motivate us to pull our whole body underwater through a pool of ice. We have decided to keep the crowdfunding page open for one more week and we would be incredibly grateful if you could donate or share our page

Sep 23, 2021
Eve Massie

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