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Plant Power - The Rise of Vegan Athletes

When it comes to athletic performance, nutrition is usually one of, if not the most important thing to get right. With a world of information out there about how we should eat in order to perform, with most of the information including animal products, it can be difficult to see where vegan athletes fit in. 

However, the world is slowly changing and many are beginning to understand that eating a plant-based diet is going to bring nothing but benefits when on the playing field. 

Between the many documentaries and wide range of books available on plant-based nutrition, Vegan Athletes are hotter than ever – check out this list of fitness freaks that believe their success is all down to the power of plants. 

Venus & Serena Williams (Tennis) 

After being diagnosed with Siogren's disease - an incurable illness that attacks your immune system, Venus switched to a plant based diet and has never looked back. To show her support, sister Serena joined her in her quest to improve her health and as also found great happiness eating a fully vegan diet. Not to mention helping her with a few Grand Slam victories. 

Jermain Defoe (Football)

At the age of 35, Jermain isn’t exactly young when it comes to being a professional footballer but this guys just keeps on kicking (see what we did there?). Jermain has credited his performance on the pitch and continued success to his change in diet. Although he is often referred to as a ‘veteran forward’, his performance doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Kendrick Farris (Weightlifter)

Kendrick is an American Olympic weightlifter who competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics coming 11th in his weight category (who said vegans can’t be strong!?). After making the change to a vegan diet, Kendrick has credited this to his improved recovery time, energy levels, lifting abilities as well as helping him mentally prepare for his comps. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Kendrick stated that his mind was now extremely clear and that his attitude had totally changed since going vegan.

Morgan Mitchell (Sprinter)

Australian Olympic sprinter, Morgan Mitchell has been vegan for over 3 years and doesn't do it just for performance, but also for the ethics. In a recent interview with PETA, Morgan stated that changing her diet and lifestyle has helped with everything from her energy, health and the environment.

Kyrie Irving (Basketball)

NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving has been playing pretty well recently (okay great) and advocates his performance and new-found energy to his vegan diet. In a recent article, Kyrie stated start he turned to veganism from conducting his own research and even his coach, Brad Stevens, puts his performance down to his great nutrition. 

These are just a handful of the athletes who are out there showing the world that eating plants is pretty awesome and that animal products really aren't necessary to be successful in sport. 

Want to find out more about plant-based nutrition and adopting a vegan lifestyle? Then head to TheVeganKind Supermarket and check out our some of our educational books!

Sep 23, 2021
Natalie Morgan

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