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October is Officially World Vegetarian Month!

October 1st is officially classed as Vegetarian Day, however, the organisers have taken it a step further and have deemed October as World Vegetarian Month. The aim of this is to try and encourage meat eaters to take the pledge and give up all meat for an entire month in order to raise awareness for vegetarianism, animal cruelty and the harm farming has on the environment.

The campaign wants the participants to organise vegetarian pot-lucks with their family and friends, discuss their experiences with others and spread the word of how going meat-less is benefiting their health, saving lives and preserving our planet.

Although vegetarianism ends with the cruelty of meat and doesn't involve raising awareness of the egg and dairy industry, TVK are happy to support anyone that is willing to make a small difference in order to make a great change. Veganuary can be a little daunting for people that have only ever known the typical western diet and they may see World Vegetarian Month as a more realistic challenge to ease them into a life without animal products. If more people begin to make the connection between meat and the suffering it causes to both the animals and the planet, then their next realisation is most likely to be that going completely vegan is the way forward.

Why not challenge a meat eater you know to take the pledge? Who knows what it might lead to!


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Sep 23, 2021
Natalie Morgan

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