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TheVeganKind Thanksgiving Shopping List!

Thanksgiving is a North American holiday which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every month and falls this year on the 22nd November. It marks the day when a group of English Pilgrims shared a meal with Native Americans to celebrate a successful harvest. It is a day where families and loved ones gather together to eat an abundance of delicious food, give thanks and also kick off the 'holiday-season'.

Although it is not celebrated in the UK, TheVeganKind has many American customers who are currently living in the UK and we certainly don't want them to miss out on a Thanksgiving feast or a day to be grateful. 

Oh, and we also love the chance to 'veganise' traditional holiday food!

We have created a vegan Thanksgiving shopping list for all our lovely American followers so you can make sure you are well prepped for the upcoming holiday!

Meridian  Cranberry Sauce

Anything cranberry goes on Thanksgiving. Of course, you could make your own sauce but if you are short on time then Meridian has done all of the work for you by releasing their very own (delicious) cranberry sauce! Use it alongside your roast, on crackers with cheese as a starter, or over your stack of vegan pigs in blankets! 

Daiya Mac & Cheese

Americans LOVE mac & cheese and this is usually considered a side at most Thanksgiving meals (this is why we love you guys even more, sides of mac & cheese!? Hell yeah!). Daiya’s Mac & Cheese is finally available on UK soil and comes in three delicious flavours - white cheddar veggie style, deluxe cheddar & alfredo style. You may question when does a 'side of mac' become a meal in itself, our answer? Who cares, it's Thanksgiving!

Vegan Gravy

A roast without gravy isn't even worth thinking about. Luckily, TVK have a a number of vegan friendly gravies in stock so you can be assured that your 'turkey' and all the trimmings will be absolutely swimming in a pool of deliciousness. Get ready to fill up those gravy boats! 


Sage & Red Pepper, Roasted Chestnut, Parsley & Thyme, Cranberry & Orange, we have it all on TheVeganKind Supermarket because stuffing is pretty damn wonderful. Why not by a couple so you can make holiday sandwiches for the rest of the week!? It is the 'holiday-season' after all!

Vegan Coleslaw

Another soul food staple that is often seen at the Thanksgiving table a big bowl of coleslaw. The team at Follow Your Heart have created a creamy coleslaw that you can enjoy on top of your roast potatoes or layered on your veggies. Thanks guys for helping make sprouts taste 10x better!

Bread Rolls

Let's face it, bread should be at every meal and even more so at Thanksgiving. Silver fox Paul Hollywood not only lived vegan week on the Great British Bake Off, but he has also created a range of vegan-friendly bread rolls that are perfect with a generous helping of dairy-free butter with soup. Heck, just pack them with pretty much all the food you can fit and go to town, there are no boundaries on Thanksgiving!

Mackies Turkey Stuffing Crisps

Thanksgiving is also well known for being day of watching American Football. Some of us may not understand the rules in the UK but what we do know is that snacks are a necessity when watching any sport. Mackies has created a festive themed Turkey & Stuffing flavour just in case your monster meal didn't quite satisfy you! 

The Roast

And finally, the boss of the table the roast, and by roast, we mean a nut roast from Artisan Grains. From three to choose from, you can have a tier of roasts to please the masses, Thanksgiving is also all about the centre pieces right!? Why not pair it with some Tofurky sausages wrapped in vegan bacon for a real show-stopper! 


After a full day of savoury scran, a spot of dessert always goes down well, especially when it involves chocolate in the form of brownies! TVK have a number of brownie mixes available that are quick, easy and absolutely DELICIOUS with some non-dairy Ben & Jerrys!

If you are planning on celebrating Thanksgiving this year, we hope we have given you some ideas of how you can easily 'veganise' your holiday!

No animals being harmed or killed is something we would be very thankful for!

Happy Holidays!

Love TVK x

Sep 23, 2021
Natalie Morgan

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