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UK Brand Launches Plant-Based Milkshakes Made From Barley

'Move over soya, almonds and oats. The original alternative is back in town.'

UK brand Bright Barley has launched a range of plant-based dairy-free milk made from one of the world's most ancient grains - barley. 

The milkshakes will be available in three flavours: salted caramel, chocolate and coffee.

Bright Barley's milk products are an excellent source of fibre and nutrients while being low in fat and containing added calcium as well as vitamins D & B12.  

The company uses organic barley sourced from different farms in the UK and milled in Cotswold valley by Shipton Mill that has been producing flour for almost a thousand years.

Barley grain is considered as one of the superfoods -nutrient-rich and beneficial for health. A diet high in whole grains has been linked to a lower risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. 

Barley has been used in food and drinks for over 10,000 years. It was grown and used by Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. 

Today, it is widely cultivated for human and animal food and used in beer and whiskey production. 

Barley is still eaten in India, Tibet and North Africa. In Ethiopia, it is known as 'gebs ye ehil nigus', which means 'king of crops'!  

It is one of the staple foods in Central and Eastern European countries, and it is commonly used in local cuisine in Poland, Ukraine and Russia. 

A bit forgotten in the UK, it is still used in traditional cooking in dishes such as puddings, porridges, stews and soups such as Scotch broth. 

Barley is a robust crop that can grow in diverse climates and altitudes. It can grow in the mountains and survive colder or hotter temperatures than oats, wheat, and maize.

Bright Barley company was founded in 2019 by Jiali Jiang. She grew up in Aba, a region of China close to Tibet where barley has played an essential part in food culture for centuries.

Jiali moved to the UK to study at Cambridge University, and she saw that barley was also locally grown in Britain but 'had slipped off people's nutritional radar.' 

'It was an underused superfood hiding right under our noses.'

"I grew up in an area … where barley's nutritional value and ability to thrive in even the most extreme conditions made it a dietary staple. We have ... sourced and developed relationships with suppliers of high-quality, organic grains, grown through sustainable farming practices here in the UK. Our first range of vegan alternative milkshakes encapsulates everything that Bright Barley is about: innovation, quality and indulgence, with a strong conscience," Jiali Jiang said in a statement. 

The Bright Barley range will be available online starting this month — priced from GBP12.96 per 12-unit case and GBP1.69 per 33cl pack.

Sep 23, 2021
Agi Kaja

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