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TheVeganKind Supermarket Has Launched New Vivera Products

TheVeganKind Supermarket has added new Vivera products range to its plant-based meats section.

The new line features Vivera Plant Shawarma Kebab, Vivera Plant Mince, Vivera Plant Quarter Pounder and Vivera Veggie Burgers.

Vivera meat alternatives contain high-quality plant-based protein and are fortified with B12 vitamin and iron. They are perfect for a summer barbecue and for preparing easy and delicious vegan meals such as wraps, spaghetti bolognese and lasagne.

Vivera is the third-largest plant-based meat producer in Europe. Currently, the brand offers a range of more than 50 plant-based products that are available in 25 countries.

Last year, Vivera successfully expanded its production capacity by 50% with the opening of a new production facility in the Netherlands. The company has a weekly output of 1,5 million plant-based products which is 70 million plant-based products annually.

Vivera is on a mission to help everyone make their change 'bite by bite' and have 'More Life if we eat Less Meat'. Vivera wants to make it easy to eat less meat by creating delicious products that are healthier for the people and the better for the planet.

Willem van Weede, CEO of Vivera Foodgroup said: "We will invest further in our successful journey to let consumers an experience that plant-based food can be as tasty as traditional meat. And at the same time having large benefits for their personal health, environmental impact and animal welfare. Making it tastier and easier for conscious consumers to reduce their meat intake is our number one motivation. In line with our belief: 'more life, less meat'."

The announcement will please TVK's customers and Vivera products fans.

Jenna McGuiness, Head Buyer at TVK, said: "We have had so many customer requests for Vivera, so I'm so happy we have finally launched this incredible range! It's definitely one of the most exciting and delicious meat alternative ranges out there, I have their Plant Quarter Pounders at BBQ's and the Vivera Plant Shawarma Kebab in fajitas, yum!"

Screenshot 2020 07 13 at 11.58.09 Vivera1Vivera2 Vivera3 Vivera4

Sep 23, 2021
Agi Kaja

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