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Hello, Is It Meat You’re Looking For? Comedy Helpline Launched For Brits Struggling With Veganuary

If you struggle with Veganuary and miss meat you can call this number: 0800 054 109!

UK's most popular plant-based meat brand THIS has launched a live call centre to help meat reducers, vegetarians and vegans deal with the temptation of eating meat during Veganuary.

The brand has teamed up with up-and-coming comedians to monitor the helpline, live (everyday from 10am - 10pm, until the end of January). They will be answering people’s calls with meat-based jokes, plant-based puns and animal noises, to help get them through the month of no meat with a smile on their face.

THIS wants to make people realise that they don’t need to compromise if they want to reduce meat intake.

Andy Shovel, Co-founder of THIS commented: "Whilst of course being worthwhile, my first Veganuary was tough. Like the cold-turkey scene from Trainspotting. Hopefully with some messing around and fun, we can make it easier for first-timers this time around.

We also wanted to give a new life to some of the telephone boxes across the capital. They just happen to be nearby a few of our favourite pastime places to eat, so if you spot one of our whopper ads, please send us a selfie to show us how much you're lovin' it. Oh, and call the number."

Posters will also be appearing with the helpline on telephone boxes outside fast food outlets including McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Chicken Cottage and Taco Bell in London.

THIS was founded by meat lovers, Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman with a mission to create the most realistic chicken and bacon meat-alternatives in the world. Following two years of research and development the company created products using peas and soya beans that mimic meat in taste, texture, appearance and nutrition, but without the ethical or environmental impact. 

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Sep 23, 2021
Agi Kaja

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