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1 in 5 People Plan To Go Vegan This Shrove Tuesday According To New Research

Nearly one in five consumers (19%) plan to go plant-based on Pancake Day, while more than half (57%) would be happy to try a vegan pancake, according to new research commissioned by food brand Squeaky Bean, and conducted by One Poll ahead of Shrove Tuesday on 16th February.

While ‘Pancake Day’ itself was founded more than 500 years ago, consumers are open to trying a new take on the traditional dish, which was initially created to use up eggs and milk before the start of Lent, when these ingredients would not be eaten at all.

The poll of 2,000 people who eat pancakes also found that Generation Z, millennials and Generation X are more likely to make the switch to a vegan pancake, with almost one in three (32%) 25-34 year olds saying they’ll enjoy an animal product free option this year. Londoners show the largest appetite for plant-based pancakes, with 35% saying they plan to tuck into one on Shrove Tuesday. They are closely followed by the North East and the North West of England, where respectively 21% and 20% of respondents shared these plans.

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Respondents to the survey were also polled on their favourite pancake toppings, which are revealed in a table at the end of this press release. Across the nation, traditional options are still the top choices; 24% of respondents choose lemon juice as their favourite topping, 21% desire maple syrup, and 11% opt for sugar. Pancake eating consumers in the North stand apart from other regions, preferring maple syrup over the lemon juice drizzle favoured by the rest of the country.

Despite this, the UK shows a sense of adventure when it comes to topping pancakes. When asked which ingredients they would consider topping pancakes with, respondents said they would try baked beans (6%), ketchup (5%) and the on-trend Korean fermented condiment, kimchi (5%). In a stark contrast to the rest of the country, 18% of London based respondents said they would consider ketchup as a pancake topping.

Protein-rich toppings, including plant-based versions, were out of favour, with just 9% of those polled saying they would consider them – despite bacon and maple syrup often being firmly associated with pancakes. One in twenty (5%) of pancake-eaters would consider dropping toppings altogether, saying they would consider tucking into a pancake that is entirely plain.

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Despite toppings being a do-it-yourself affair, not all Brits will be mixing their own pancake batter in 2021. When it comes to cooking vegan pancakes, 30% said they were unsure what to replace animal product ingredients with, while 28% said they were not sure how to make them. Plant-based or otherwise, almost half (49%) of those who took the survey agreed that ‘the mess, difficulty and not always having the ingredients in’ can stop them from cooking pancakes.

And while the nation showed great diversity in its love for toppings, preferences regarding the ideal thickness of a pancake were even more wide-ranging – complicating matters for home chefs. Of those who expressed a preference, 65% would choose a thin (French-style) batter rather than a thick (American-style) option.

Plant-based food brand Squeaky Bean is making it easy for pancake lovers to go vegan this Shrove Tuesday and avoid the mess, hassle and difficulty in cooking pancakes.

Its ready-to-eat Fluffy American Style Pancakes and Original Sweet Pancakes are available in TheVeganKind Supermarket. The Fluffy American Style Pancakes have proven such a hit that in 2020 they won a Grocer New Product Award, beating all other entries in the vegetarian/vegan sweet food category.

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Sarah Augustine, Squeaky Bean’s Co-Creator, says: “Shrove Tuesday has traditionally been a time to use up animal products such as milk and eggs, however with interest growing in plant-based diets, and 582,000 people taking part in Veganuary 2021, many will seek a vegan option on Pancake Day too. Our research shows that pancake lovers can be put off from cooking this delicious treat, so our award-winning fluffy and original style pancakes make it easier than ever to tuck into tasty.”

The Squeaky Bean pancakes ade with a soft soya mix, making them perfect for soaking up lemon juice, maple syrup, or the topping of your choosing. They are ready after just 25 seconds in an 800W microwave. They can also be grilled, fried or cooked in the oven – or simply eaten straight from the pack, meaning there’s no reason to lag behind in the pancake race to the table!

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Sep 23, 2021
Agi Kaja

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