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FUTUREVVORLD - A Hub for Earth-Friendlier Projects Launches In Australia

Inspired by the growing movement towards conscious consumerism, FUTUREVVORLD is a digital destination that explores more environmentally responsible practices in fashion, footwear and design.

In recent times, “sustainability” has become somewhat of a fashion buzzword. Despite there being a number of brands making honest steps towards reducing their environmental impact, the term is often loosely applied and misunderstood.

With “sustainability” now further complicated by indifference, ambiguity and economics, FUTUREVVORLD’s mission is to be a forum for the eco-conscious and eco-curious to gather, discover, embrace and inform the growing number of Earth-friendlier innovations and initiatives in style, design, art, sports and beyond.

“We wanted to build and cultivate a hub dedicated to highlighting better materials and greater responsibility, as well as open a dialogue about the challenges we face,” says Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Daniel Navetta.

“We have an opportunity to inform, educate and influence the highly-attentive streetwear audience into more conscious consumers. Through thought-provoking design, creative storytelling, and investigative journalism we can inspire people to consider new behaviours around their consumption.”

According to McKinsey, the fashion industry emits about the same quantity of greenhouse gas emissions per year as the combined economies of France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Encouraged by the thriving plant-based food movement, people around the world are now looking to the materials industry for greater transparency.

“In my efforts to accelerate the growth and awareness of more ethical and sustainable food choices, I found that there was no single destination reporting on more responsible material choices within the fashion and apparel sector,” explains Co-Founder Allen Zelden, a creative entrepreneur that advises plant-based food companies.

“In many ways, the fashion and footwear industries mirror our food system, from issues around sourcing and supply chains, to waste. With greater awareness of the textile industry’s harmful environmental impact and exploitative work practices, it’s only a matter of time before we see similar exponential interest and investment in improved textile and material alternatives as well.”

Sep 23, 2021
Tiago Pita

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