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THIS Launched Three New Plant-Based Meat Products For Summer

Agi Kaja

THIS - the UK’s leading brand of hyper-realistic plant-based meat has launched three new ground-breaking products that will attract both meat lovers and vegans.

The makers of the best-selling THIS Isn’t Bacon which became the bacon lovers favourite just in 12 months and has even picked up a Great Taste Award along the way created a brand new pork meat special. 

THIS Isn’t Bacon Lardons are mini bites of smokey, crispy, sizzling plant-based bacon that look, taste and cook like real meat-based lardons, and are perfect for a carbonara – or anything else for that matter.

Screenshot 2021 05 19 at 09.51.14

THIS is also crashing the party this summer with its first venture into finger food with the launch of THIS Isn’t Pork Cocktail Sausages. Succulent, tender and dangerously addictive, they promise to be the meatiest on the market and interchangeable with real meat. The boffins behind the new product are that confident in their likeness to pork that meat-lovers will be raiding the fridge before guests arrive to the party.

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THIS Isn’t Chicken Skewers are launching in May this year. Two new flavours; Sticky BBQ and Lemon and Herb take inspiration from that Portuguese chicken chain – they’re that good you’ll be begging for a loyalty card. It’s the first time in the UK a plant-based producer has had a stab at skewers – and as barbecues are far too often lacking in options for meat reducers (who make up a whopping third of the UK population) and vegans – they couldn’t come soon enough.

THIS has shaken up the plant-based world by creating products that look and taste just like meat, targeting meat lovers while delighting its vegan fanbase. It helps of course, that co-founder Andy Shovel, ran a burger chain – yes a real one – before turning his hand to hyper-realistic plant-based food instead.

Shovel commented: “THIS ISN’T BACON has been a huge hit for our brand, and we’ve had thousands of customers show us their carbonaras or salads, containing chopped up rashers. It made perfect sense to create a lardon variety, with a fattier and more intense flavour – to make sure they really sing when scattered into or onto a dish.”

Sep 23, 2021
Agi Kaja

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