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Animal Free Research UK Celebrates 50 Year Landmark With Launch Of World Animal Free Research Day

Agi Kaja

Fifty years ago, a small group of likeminded citizens gathered to discuss their collective goal - to end experiments on animals.

Whilst saddened and angered by the unethical treatment of the sentient beings who shared the planet with them, they believed the best way to achieve their vision was not to militantly stamp their feet - but instead advance scientific research methods by changing minds with evidential facts and reason.

Animal Free Research UK was the result from their visionary gathering.

Five decades on, our charity is celebrating that landmark with a week of awareness culminating in the inaugural World Animal Free Research Day on Thursday, May 27. 

We and our growing ranks of supporters will be shining a light on the pioneering research which we fund - that which is forging a future where animals are finally replaced with modern, human relevant techniques.

We will be applauding our scientists in our Animal Replacement Centres - aka ARCs - who are pushing the latest animal free technological and research boundaries in their unswerving quest for cures for major diseases.

Thanks to the over £10 million in funding, we have awarded to over 260 novel research projects, our researchers have driven and continue to drive forward understanding of debilitating diseases - including cancer, dementia and diabetes - as they affect humans, bringing us ever closer to effective treatments without harming animals.

On the first World Animal Free Research Day we will be calling on policy makers, the scientific community, pharmaceutical industry and the public to join us in accelerating the use of ethical, pioneering lab technologies that save lives, money and time.

We will up the ante in our mission to bring about regulatory change to end the use of animals in laboratories. We want Government to invest in and prioritise animal free research and make ethical science a matter of national importance – because we want Britain to lead and inspire the world.

Guest post by Animal Free Research UK. 

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Sep 23, 2021
Agi Kaja

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Agi Kaja

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