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Food Delivery Service Specialising In Gut Health Launches New Plant Based Menu

Agi Kaja

Nutritionist approved premium food delivery service Kurami has announced the launch of their Plant Points spring menu. 

The talented Kurami team have designed a new menu dedicated to hitting ‘plant point’ targets throughout the week, waving goodbye to the traditional 'Five A Day' rule and encouraging a more diverse plant based diet. The new menu aims to help individuals reach their 30 plant points a week, offering a host of seasonal and fibre boosting meals, snacks and drinks based around Kurami's key focus on gut health.

What are plant points?

Plant points elevate the meaning of ‘five a day’ and have been created to help us achieve a target of consuming 30 plant based foods a week. Plant based foods play an important role in our overall well being and encourage a healthier gut.

Georgine Leung, Kurami’s in-house nutritionist told TheVeganKind: “A healthy gut is made up of a diverse group of microorganisms - which a happy balance of keeps inflammation at bay. It has shown to link to the condition of the skin too. Nourishing your gut means keeping your skin healthy”. 

Plant point food groups include vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, whole grains, and herbs & spices, all of which are incorporated within Kurami’s dishes to help you hit your 30 plant points a week.

Using high quality, locally sourced produce which is as pleasing to the palate as it is good for the body and mind, dishes on the plant points spring menu include: a Spring berry smoothie bowl, Aubergine and lentil parmigiana, Tempeh Lasagne and a Mango and tofu poke bowl. As part of the customised Kurami meal plans, customers can also select wholesome and nutritious snacks and drinks such as Babaganoush with crackers and crudites and Kurami's refreshing selection of flavoured Iced teas and Kuramylks.

Kurami’s spring menu offers a new stress free way to help you stay on plant based diet and ensure you feel positive, energized, and most importantly, good from within.

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Sep 23, 2021
Agi Kaja

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