October’s Lifestyle Box is Bursting Full of Exciting and Intriguing Treats!

Believe it or not, your next Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box will be here sooner than you think! With eight carefully selected sweet and savoury snacks, a glossy recipe card, plus a mystery “lifestyle” product inside, we’re confident you’ll absolutely love it.

I spoke to our head buyer Jenna McGuinness who declared: “This month’s box is packed full of so many fab things it might just burst open on arrival!”. Ooooh - you’ve been warned!

First up is an intriguing, nutty, new-to-the-U.K. dark chocolate bar that has the backing of all kinds of celebs in the U.S.A. such as Reese Witherspoon and Trevor Noah. Exciting! Made with simple, plant-based ingredients and no added nasties, this is a taste sensation you won’t forget in a hurry. We highly recommend enjoying with a warm cup of milky coffee.

Staying on the chocolate theme is a travel-sized, choc flavoured drink that’s as delicious as it is healthy! One could enjoy it on a deserted island, perhaps? ;-)

Kids and big kids alike will be salivating over a colourful bag of pic 'n' mix sweets that might well transport you back to your younger, carefree days - ideal as an indulgent anytime treat or lunchbox addition. And, a handy, pocket-sized, chewy pack that will keep your mouth feeling and smelling fresh all day long.

For all the savoury fans out there, fear not! Inside you'll discover an all-natural, flavourful meal-in-a-pouch that can happily sit alongside an array of your favourite plant-based side dishes. Plus, two snack bags that are perfect for these longer nights in watching films and TV shows: an unforgettable, dippable, wheat-based bag of crunchiness, and an Oriental world’s first in vegan food! What on earth could it be?? Mysterious!

This month’s lifestyle product could also be considered a snack, yass. Something chewable and sweet yet designed to boost your mind and body - win, win!

October’s Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box ships in just over a fortnight, so there’s still lots of time to order. We truly hope you get as much joy from it as we did putting it together!

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23 Sept 2021
Paul Bradley

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