6 Comfort Vegan Food Recipes For Autumn
3 Nov 2022 by Agi Kaja

Summer is gone and as it gets colder outside we think of warming and feel-good meals at home.

We crave warm soups, stews, bakes and special sweet treats.

Here's a list of inspiring vegan recipes for Autumn. 

Easy to cook at home, 100% plant-based meals that are comforting and delicious in flavour! 

1. Gaz Oakley's My Dads Potato Chilli Bake

Screenshot 2020 10 09 at 17.14.30

This delicious comfort meal perfect for the whole family. 

Full recipe here: https://thevegankind.com/supermarket

2.Butternut Squash Pizza

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Crispy and tasty pizza with roasted squash.

Full recipe here: https://thevegankind.com/supermarket

3. Traditional Jam Doughnuts

A jam doughnut. So simple, but so impressive. Although this recipe requires a dollop of patience, it’s well worth it. OGGS made it super easy! It doesn’t require any fiddly equipment and is easy to jazz up in any way your sweet tooth so desires...

Screenshot 2020 10 09 at 16.53.31

Full recipe here: https://thevegankind.com/supermarket

4. Mushroom Ragu Gnocchi

Screenshot 2020 10 09 at 16.51.49

Bring this bowl of happiness on your table! Rich and full of flavour mushroom ragù with Mr Organic's gluten-free gnocchi.

Full recipe here: https://thevegankind.com/supermarket

4. 3 Bean Chilli

Screenshot 2020 10 09 at 17.16.09

Spicy beans perfect for lunch and dinner on a cold day.

Check the recipe here :https://thevegankind.com/supermarket

6. Triple Chocolate Pecan Cookies

This easy recipe makes delicious super chocolate cookies with pecan nuts. These cookies have everything a chocolate lover could ask for :)

Screenshot 2020 10 09 at 16.56.07

3 Nov 2022
Agi Kaja

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