A New Era Dawns for The Vegan Kind. New CEO Appointed as Founders Step Back from the Business.
19 Jun 2022 by Scott & Karris McCulloch

A message from our founders, Scott & Karris McCulloch.

When The Vegan Kind was set up in 2013, Karris and I both immediately knew that this was going to be something very impactful, and which would play a big part in our lives. We entered into business together with a degree of trepidation (of course) but mostly really excited and full of optimism, hope, drive, determination and courage. We knew we had what it takes to get a business off the ground. We employed our first member of staff, Jenna, who we are delighted is still with us today; followed on by scores of others over the years, who have come and gone (but largely remained), to grow TVK into what we have today. TVK has never just been about Karris or I. We have always thought of and spoken of our customers and our staff, coming together into one ‘Team TVK’. If you’ve ever supported us in any way, you truly are part of something bigger.


Fast-tracking through from 2013 when we set up the UK’s first ever vegan subscription box, to 2022……..we have moved business premises 5 times (if you include the move from our flat to our first warehouse), we have launched an online supermarket, we have grown the team many times, and ultimately built out one of the most recognised vegan businesses the world has ever seen. 

In March 2020 amidst spiralling covid-19 cases , we completed a Seedrs crowdfunding campaign, securing the business some much needed capital. We used this money to cope with incredible demand as the UK got locked down. This was at a critical time for us, and the raise was pivotal.  It also meant many of you reading this are now shareholders in the business, something Karris and I are really proud of.

And while the Seedrs raise felt like a lot of money at the time, we soon realised how quickly cash can be soaked up in a rapidly growing business. We knew we would need to raise funds again – and in March 2021 we completed our Series A raise, welcoming Literacy Capital into the business as major shareholders. Lit Cap believed in TVK in April 2021 when we completed the investment round, and they still, right now believe in the future of The Vegan Kind.

As we look forward, rather than back, TVK has a phenomenal opportunity. The foundations we have laid are solid, however there is a building that now needs to take place which Karris and I acknowledge is a task best carried out by someone else. Our hunger for TVK to succeed is never, ever going to diminish, but while we are proud to have navigated TVK to where it is today; to get it to where it needs to be tomorrow and beyond is a task that will be
better achieved under a new leadership.

So with that, I’d like to announce that with immediate effect, I, Scott am stepping down as CEO of The Vegan Kind, and Karris will be stepping down as Managing Director. We will remain small shareholders in the business, and I will remain on the Board of The Vegan Kind Ltd as a
Non-Executive Director.

We have been working with Literacy Capital to find a suitable candidate to take over as CEO and are delighted that we have found that person. Her name is Sarah Boddy and we are delighted to welcome her aboard as the new CEO of The Vegan Kind! Welcome to Team TVK, Sarah!


On Monday June 13th Sarah will start her TVK journey, bringing a wealth of experience and a real drive, passion and determination to succeed. Sarah has spent the last 9.5 years running the US Division for MPM Products, setting out the strategic business priorities, as well as establishing a US based distribution facility, office and team to support the substantial and consistent double digit year on year growth. Prior to MPM she has worked across a number of businesses from small start-up to large corporates including Premier Foods and Mars Petcare. She brings a breadth of knowledge from the corporate world, but more importantly understands the growing pains of a small (but gutsy) startup business like The Vegan Kind. Sarah is in awe of what we have achieved already and is very excited to come in and help take the team to the next level.    

Finally – a direct message to all of our customers:

From the bottom of our hearts – thank you. Thank you if you ever received a subscription box. Thank you if you ever shopped at TVK Supermarket. Thank you if you ever interacted with us on social media. Thank you if you ever told a friend about us. And most of all, thank you for
continuing to support Team TVK in the future. We will never take you for granted. 

Thanks for everything. We appreciate everyone so much, and hope you know how sincerely we mean that.

Scott & Karris
Founders, The Vegan Kind x

PS - If you do shop with us in the coming weeks, please do check out our just-launched ‘Farmers Market’. This is something new, whereby we support smaller, perhaps more niche brands – and give them a platform to shine. It’s where we ‘pioneer the purposeful’. We plan to refresh these brands quarterly to keep us close to the grassroots vegan movement which was entirely key to the success of The Vegan Kind to date. Please support small brands where you can, and that includes little-old TVK 😊





19 Jun 2022
Scott & Karris McCulloch

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Scott & Karris McCulloch

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