Arnold Schwarzenegger's Coronavirus Advice: 'Stay At Home And Eat Vegan Food'
23 Sept 2021 by Agi Kaja

Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared a video showing that he is 'staying at home and eating vegan food' to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Since the virus has spread globally, countries around the world have taken strict measures - including curfews in an effort to stop the infection of thousands of people.

Schwarzenegger spoke about it in his latest video, saying: "The one thing is that you stay at home - there is a curfew now! No one is allowed out, especially when you are 72-years-old, after you are 65 you are not allowed out of the house in California. So we stay home, and we eat here!"

In the video, you can also see his donkey Whisky and pony Lulu. He said: "Here is Whisky and Lulu. Lulu loves carrots, Whisky loves carrots."

Schwarzenegger revealed what he has been eating during this time, saying: "I just had my little bit of vegan food."

"See that is what we do. We don't go out, we don't go to the restaurants, we don't do anything like that. We just eat with Whisky and Lulu have a good time and be entertained, and we have a good time eating here together! You stay home," he added. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a known advocate for a plant-based diet, and he often speaks publicly about reducing meat and dairy products. Last year, the actor co-produced a pro-vegan documentary The Game Changers.

Schwarzenegger said he loved his new meat-free diet: "I ate a lot of meat - I ate my 10, 15 eggs a day. I had my 250 grams of protein in a day because I weighed 250 pounds. 

"As I got older and I started reading up on it, I recognized the fact that you really don't have to get your protein from meat - or from animals. So we started going more in a direction of a vegetarian kind of diet. 

"Now we're doing it the right way, with spices, and all of a sudden I love it much more than the meat."

On Tuesday, prime minister Boris Johnson has said everyone in the UK should avoid travel and contact with others to curb coronavirus. So far, more than 1,500 people have been tested positive for the virus in the country - but the actual number of cases is estimated to be between 35,000 and 50,000.

23 Sept 2021
Agi Kaja

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