Avon Ends All Tests On Animals
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

Avon Products, Inc., takes the first step to becoming cruelty-free. 

The Company has stopped all regulatory-required tests on animals. 

Avon introduces the new company policy in all of its branches around the world, including in China. This is the first crucial step to becoming cruelty-free. The company will be working with its suppliers to make sure no cosmetics ingredients are tested on animals. 

“Avon will focus on working with suppliers on their animal testing policies for ingredients used in Avon’s products. Meanwhile Avon will continue to work with its partners to push for regulatory change and greater acceptance of alternatives to animal testing,” - the company said.

PETA announced it has been helping AVON through the process: 

“We have been delighted to work with the company throughout this process and have appreciated its thoughtful approach to ensuring that any of its products sold in China will never be tested on animals. We look forward to continuing this work.”

23 Sept 2021

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