Best Plant-Based Meat Brands In The UK
3 Nov 2022 by Agi Kaja
  1. THIS 

Number one British brand offering hyper realistic alternatives to chicken and bacon. THIS creates the most realistic chicken and bacon meat-alternatives in the world using peas and soya beans instead of killing animals. Following two years of research and development, partnering with world-leading texture and flavour scientists, THIS's products mimic meat in taste, texture, appearance and smell. THIS isn’t chicken and THIS isn't bacon have been long time bestsellers in TheVeganKind Supermarket. 

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2. Beyond Meat

The "bleeding" Beyond Burger is made entirely from plants but it looks, cooks and tastes like real meat. Those who try it cannot believe it is made from plants. The Beyond Burger is much healthier than the traditional burger and comes with a lower environmental footprint. It contains more protein and iron than beef burgers but no cholesterol and only half of the saturated fat. Additionally, Beyond Meat products contain no GMOs or soy. The company uses pea protein, coconut oil, and beetroot juice to replicate the looks and flavour of the meat. 

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3. Heura

    This Spanish brand makes super realistic chicken alternatives. The plant-based chicken is available is two versions chunks and strips.
    's chicken is made from soy, olive oil, salt, and spices sourced in Europe. It is one of the healthiest options available on the market. The product has a short list of ingredients and high nutritional values. It contains the same amount of protein as traditional chicken but only one-third of fat (43% less fat than in similar products).

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    4. Meatless Farm 

    British company that has developed an amazing plant-based mince, burger patties and sausages loaded with taste and texture. Meatless Farm is on a mission to help people reduce meat consumption by making swapping to Meatless easy. The company says that going meat-free means “no compromise.”  and launched a provocative marketing campaign The M*** F***  to encourage more consumers to switch to a more plant-based diet.

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    5. Vivera 

    Dutch brand Vivera has been producing only 100% plant-based meat alternatives since 2019 and aims to help people eat less meat. Vivera product range includes meat-free burgers, steaks, plant-based mincemeat, vegan chicken and vegan bacon. Its products are sold in 25 countries across Europe.


    6. VBites 

    UK's leading producer of plant-based food. VBites offers a large range of vegan products including burgers, sausages, slices, nuggets, rashers and roasts as well as fish alternatives including fish-free steaks, fingers and fishcakes. Screenshot 2020 10 09 at 16.34.05

    3 Nov 2022
    Agi Kaja

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