Best Vegan Ice Cream You Can Buy Online
26 Jul 2022 by Agi Kaja

Beau gelato is 100% vegan and natural - made with plants, contains no artificial additives or flavourings. The company makes sure all the ingredients are sustaiably and fairy sourced and the supply chain is safe and totally animal-free.

The brand is on the way to be carbon-negative and is currently using Planet Mark certification to measure their carbon footprint and environmental performance.

Bea Gelato was awarded Great Taste awards 7 times - in 2020 and 2021 while competing in the same category as dairy ice cream.

Get one (or more) of these award winning delicious vegan ice cream delivered to your door! 

Beau Gelato Mint Choc Chip

Crisp peppermint and rich dark chocolate chips combine to create an incredibly moreish Mint Choc Chip gelato. A pure mint flavour that’s both delicate and perfectly balanced. Super refreshing for hot summer days!

Beau Gelato Pistachio 

This vegan ice cream is the Great Taste Award Winner! Moreish Pistachio gelato has a unique flavour profile, with a nutty, creamy base overlaid with a natural salty tang. Distinctive and refined.

Beau Gelato Strawberry

Another Great Taste Award Winner from Beau's dairy-free ice cream range! Mellow and reminiscent of summer afternoons, our strawberry gelato has a light, floral flavour with a subtle citrus back note. Sweet and tangy.

Beau Gelato Chocolate Chip 
Luxurious and complex, we blend cocoa, cacao powder and dark chocolate pieces within this Chocolate Chip gelato to create a full-bodied, multi-layered flavour sensation. By the way - also the Great Taste Award Winner. 

26 Jul 2022
Agi Kaja

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