Better Ice-Cream, Better Planet - Ice Cream Brand Launches New Plant-based Flavour In August
4 Aug 2022 by Agi Kaja

UK ice cream brand Jude's has joined forces with peppermint chocolate producer Summerdown to launch a new delicious vegan ice cream flavour – Jude’s Plant Based Mint Chocolate.

The new mint and chocolate ice cream has a velvety chocolate swirl and contains extra dark chocolate pieces. The company uses Summerdown’s harvested and distilled English Black Mitcham peppermint on its ice cream.

Jude’s managing director Chow Mezger said: “It was an absolute joy to have the expertise of the peppermint people at Summerdown as we created this wonderfully balanced Mint Chocolate ice cream. Plant Based Mint Chocolate is unbelievably creamy, and I love the way the smooth ice cream, chocolate ripple and crunchy chocolate chips work together.”

Jude's plant-based ice cream range features several amazing flavours including: Plant Based Peach & Champagne, Plant Based Vanilla Bean, With Madagascan Vanilla, Plant Based Salted Caramel, Plant Based Chocolate Brownie and Plant Based Honeycomb.

Jude's make their ice cream with the traditional batch method, carefully selecting the best ingredients such a single estate Colombian cacao, Madagascan bourbon vanilla. The plant based options are made with soy protein and coconut oil and taste as rich and creamy as traditional ice cream made with cow's milk.

The company has been working with top chefs around the UK, designing special new flavours for their menus. They've created thousands of recipes over the years and won over 60 Great Taste Awards.

Jude’s Plant Based Mint Chocolate will be available to buy online from 31 August priced at £4.80.

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4 Aug 2022
Agi Kaja

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