Bryan Adams Credits Vegan Diet For His Youthful Looks
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

You are what you eat.
Bryan Adams says that his vegan diet is the reason why his hair hasn’t turned grey yet. The 60-year-old singer has been vegan for more than 30 years and believes that a plant-based diet helps him to stay in a good shape. 

'I'd love to see a comparison photo of me if I hadn't taken this path. My guess is I'd be a lot heavier and perhaps I'd have gone grey,' he told The Mirror.

Canadian singer became a vegan when he was 28. He thinks he would also probably be 'a lot heavier' if he ate meat and dairy.
'Oddly, at 60, neither has happened, and I can only attribute that to what I've been ingesting,' he says.

During his career,  the rock star has also supported multiple environmental charities. He says he has 'always' been conscious of the environment and adds there was a lot of great environmentalism back in the 70s' in his hometown - Vancouver.
He found a way to offset the carbon footprint of travelling around the world while on tour. He wants to plant a tree for every ticket sold and his idea was backed by his tour sponsor DHL. He hopes this initiative would encourage other touring musicians to do the same.
We're doing something interesting,' he says. 'We're planting a tree for every ticket we sell and so we've probably played to between 800,000 to one million people this year, so that's a million trees, that's a small forest. Isn't that cool? I hope that's a moral that's going to be taken by a lot of other artists going forward,' he adds.

The singer has been working on his 14th studio album that will feature artists like Ed Sheeran and Jennifer Lopez.
He says that he is still learning to be a better performer.
'You should always remember your roots, remember where you come from because that will dictate where you're going. There's no information, there's no handbook.'
Adams has also written music and lyrics for the Broadway musical adaptation of Pretty Woman. The show will come to the UK in 2020.

23 Sept 2021

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