Eat More Plants With Love Plants!
26 Jul 2022 by Agi Kaja

The Vegan Kind ready meals Love Plants are back!

The range of vegan ready meals, created with the popular super realistic plant-based chicken from THIS is back on sale!

The Love Plants range includes three varieties: Chick’n Arrabiata, Chick’n Korma and a Thai Green Chick’n. All three products use THIS Isn’t Chicken in the meals and they are absolutely delicious - probably the best vegan chicken meals you've tasted!

Traditional ready meals are considered unhealthy containing a lot of sugar, sodium, salt and low quality meats. With our Love Plants range we aim to help consumers to eat healthier by adding more plants to their diet.

In our supermarket you will also find tasty vegan pies, pastries and ready meals packed with flavour and the goodness of veggies.

Love Plants meals are classic meals with universal appeal both to vegans and meat eaters who want to eat tasty food and reduce their meat consumption at the same time. The Love Plants meals are suitable for everyone and in taste tests the most common comment we've heard was “I can’t believe they are vegan!"

Pick your favourite plant-based ready meal and get it delivered to your door!

Love Plants - Chick'n Korma Plant-Based Ready Meal 

Plant-based "THIS Isn't Chicken" pieces in a mild spiced creamy coconut sauce with cooked basmati rice.

love plants korma.webp

Love Plants - Thai Green Chick'n Curry Plant-Based Ready Meal

Plant-based "THIS Isn't Chicken" pieces in a creamy sauce with jasmine rice.

love plants green curry.webp

Love Plants - Chick'n Arrabiata Plant-Based Ready Meal

Plant-based "THIS Isn't Chicken" pieces in a medium spiced tomato sauce with penne pasta.


26 Jul 2022
Agi Kaja

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