Formula 1 Driver Sebastian Vettel Is Trying Vegan Diet
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

Ferrari’s driver Sebastian Vetter has revealed he tried to become a vegan and admits he supports Greta Thunberg.

 Blick newspaper journalist asked Vettel about vegan diet, after confiding the news to Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone recently.

 “The experiment lasted around six weeks and I learned a lot from it,” Vettel said. 

It is up to you how and what you eat. There is no proper diet because everyone is different – everyone reacts differently,” he said.
What I don’t like is the quick judgements, where everything is right or everything is wrong."
“But what has changed for me is that I now eat less meat and pay more attention to the quality of the products, which is quite easy in Switzerland. I also have more vegetables on my plate now,”
he added.

The German was also asked by the journalist about the young Swedish climate activist. 

“I would have no problem eating out with her,” - he replied. 
“I don’t know if she would want to sit at a table with me, as I am probably not a role model. But I think it’s great that the youth is committed.”

23 Sept 2021

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