Greggs Vegan Steak Bake Is Here
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

Greggs has officially launched a vegan version of its popular steak bake today. 

Dozens of customers were spotted waiting in a long queue at midnight launch of the vegan snack in Newcastle. Pictures from the event show the vegan steak bake presented in an elegant box to the first 200 people in the queue.

The chain's latest vegan offering is made from Quorn and diced onions.
Greggs said the vegan steak bake has been designed with some of the original product's features including thin layers of puff pastry but without the egg glaze meat-based gravy. 

The patty is on sale at £1.55. in 1,300 locations from today, and 700 other shops will serve it from January 16.

Excited Greggs fans have been sharing their pictures and reviews on social media.

One Twitter user posted: "I just tried the new vegan steak bake and it's another triumph."

Another posted a picture of a queue with the caption: 
"Am I in the queue for the Greggs X Vegan Steak Bake launch in the freezing cold at 10 PM? Of course, I am." 

Greggs CEO Roger Whiteside told LBC radio earlier this year: “If we can succeed in doing that and produce something that tastes just as good as the meat version, then that will sell very successfully.” 

Greggs has also launched a vegan steak bake finder app to help customers track down the closest shop to them.

23 Sept 2021

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