Insiders Reveal Greggs New Vegan Menu
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

Yesterday, Greggs dropped a hint that it will be expanding its vegan range soon. But it remained a secret which of the baker's timeless classics will get a vegan makeover. 

Today, new information appeared on the Internet, suggesting that the chain's new vegan range will be larger than expected. 

The news was revealed by two insiders who claim they work for the bakery chain. They have told Metro that the new vegan patties will be the famous Steak Bakes. 

‘Vegan steak bakes are definitely happening,’ said one of them who want to be named as Greg Greggs.
‘I don’t have photos to confirm this but all employees I’ve spoken to regarding it, are aware they’re arriving in the new year, and my manager has shown me stock sheets with “vegan steak bake” written on them, ready for when our deliveries arrive.’

The second insider who wishes to be named as Your Secret Greggs Man said the chain will be launching more vegan items, including a doughnut and soup.

‘Releasing 27th December is the new glazed ring doughnut which is now vegan,’ he said.

‘And our warm winter vegetable soup which is now also vegan.’ 

We are trained to use different coloured serving equipment (such as tongs, ladles, etc.) for different dietary preferences,’ Greg Greggs explained.

‘We recently received a yellow ladle amongst our delivery, which we believe is in preparation for a vegan-friendly soup.’

The insiders also claim that the company will launch the products on either 2 January or 9 January.

23 Sept 2021

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