Join the March for Animal Liberation in London Next Week
23 Sept 2021 by Scott McCulloch

Join the March for Animal Liberation in London Next Week

‘The Official Animal Rights March’ and protest is taking place on the 2nd of September in London city centre and organisers predict it will be the biggest animal welfare demonstration the city has ever seen!

What is ‘The Official Animal Rights March’?

The peaceful protest will see thousands from the vegan community congregate and march together in the name of billions of voiceless, innocent animals.

Attendees are encouraged to bring signs, placards and banners designed to educate and inspire.

Following the success of last year’s march, which saw over 2,500 vegans take to the streets in solidarity against animal injustice, The Official Animal Rights March is back for 2017!

This year’s march is set to be bigger and better than ever and organisers are encouraging all vegans and animal lovers to get involved.

The event is hosted by Surge, an animal rights organisation who have teamed up with The Save Movement and HeartCure Collective in efforts to turn the world’s eye toward the plight of non-human animals. As the official event website puts it;

“The future is vegan, but we must take to the streets and continue to speak out on behalf of the animals until the day that their suffering ends.”

Where will ‘The Official Animal Rights March’ take place?

The demonstration will take place in London city centre on September 2nd, with animal activists travelling from all corners of the UK to join the peaceful fight for animal liberation.

Marchers will assemble in Hyde Park and follow a mapped route finishing outside The Houses of Parliament. Things kick off at 12pm sharp and marchers are being advised to walk slowly, thereby garnering maximum exposure and increasing their time spent in the media spotlight.

To view the exact route, visit the official website; the link can be found at the bottom of this article.

There is even a pre-march meet-up on Saturday August 26th, where activists will meet to create thought-provoking signage and swap ideas ahead of the main event.

If you want to get involved, scroll to the bottom of this article and click the link to visit The Official Animal Rights March Facebook page. Over 3 thousand activists have already confirmed they will be attending!

The event is set to be a wildly successful gathering and will put veganism and the animal rights movement front and centre of the world stage for one glorious day.

Not in London? Marches are also taking place in NYC, LA and Miami.

How can peaceful protests help the animals?

The focus of campaigns like The Official Animal Rights March is to effect change through positive community building.

The mass coming together of vegans in a peaceful, harmonious manner brings the right kind of attention to the vegan movement and most importantly, encourages onlookers to ask questions and get involved.

The vegan community is one filled with compassion, mercy and empathy and largescale, peaceful demonstrations like this one serve to illustrate this to a global audience.

Well organised, non-violent animal activism forces bystanders to bear witness to animal oppression and offers ethical lifestyle alternatives.

The Official Animal Rights March will be all about spreading awareness and educating the public. Challenging deep-routed societal opinion in this manner has the potential to save the lives of millions of animals. ONE day can make a hell of a difference!

The Future is Vegan!

As the event organisers put it, the future is indeed vegan, but that doesn’t mean we should sit back and wait for it to happen.

Animals are being abused in the fashion, entertainment and food industries right now and we need to make a stand for what is right.

Events like The Official Animal Rights March demonstrate to the world that vegans will remain relentless in their quest to empty all cages and end speciesism once and for all!

Visit The Official Animal Rights March website here

Visit their Facebook page here

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23 Sept 2021
Scott McCulloch

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