Lindt Launches Vegan Chocolate Santa
3 Nov 2022 by Agi Kaja

Swiss chocolatier Lindt announced the launch of its new vegan product from Christmas range. 

HELLO Santa is the first vegan Santa for the famous chocolate brand. It is made with the finest Swiss chocolate. The veganised version is made with oat milk and almond paste. 

Vegan Santa Claus presents the new cool look - wearing a green suit and headphones. It will make a perfect Christmas gift to vegan family members and friends.

Last summer, Lindt launched its first vegan “milk” chocolate bars with its HELLO range in Germany. The vegan flavours include Cookie, Hazelnut, and Salted Caramel. 

The HELLO Vegan bars won the 2020 PETA Vegan Food Award for the best vegan chocolate.

Lindt which is headquartered in Zurich and has factories across Europe and in the US hasn't confirmed if this product will be available on the UK market. 

3 Nov 2022
Agi Kaja

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