Low-sugar & Allergen-free Vegan Chocolate Launches In The UK
4 Aug 2022 by Agi Kaja

Chocolate brand Push Chocolate has released new vegan chocolate buttons that are low-sugar, allergen-free and palm oil-free. The new chocolate buttons are aimed particularly at health-conscious consumers who look for sweets containing less sugar.  

The new dairy-free buttons contain sustainably sourced cocoa from the Peruvian rainforest. The company uses unrefined sugar called panela sugar, and natural sweetener inulin from chicory root fibre instead of sugar. A mixture of pea protein isolate and rice protein delivers an optimal amino acid profile very similar to whey protein derived from dairy, making sure the product tastes just like the real thing.

So far, Push chocolate buttons range features five flavours – including original, mint, orange, honeycomb and salted caramel. All the products contain a minimum of 42% cocoa solids and over 50% less sugar per 100g than chocolate from other popular brands.

Commenting on the launch, Push Chocolate founder, Ant Wilson, said: “I firmly and passionately believe that sugar should not be the first ingredient in any product. Instead, Push Chocolate’s range uses a smart formulation of exceptional quality ingredients to deliver melt-in-the-mouth, creamy chocolate with fantastic taste and top-notch health credentials. Shoppers are becoming ever more conscious of their well-being and the sustainability of products.”

The new buttons will be available to buy online priced at £4.99 per 100g.

4 Aug 2022
Agi Kaja

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