LUSH Sells 10,000 Vegan Koala Soaps To Help Animals Hurt In Australian Bushfires
9 Jun 2022 by Agi Kaja

The cruelty-free beauty brand is donating funds from the sale of its new All The Wild Things soap to aid animal rescues and land restoration in the regions devastated by the bushfires in Australia.

The koala-shaped vegan soap was created to help the bushfires victims in Australia. 

LUSH sold 10,000 pieces in North America in one weekend. 

The company generated $70,000 from the sales of this limited-edition soap and will donate it to Bush Animal Fund, a charity established to support groups working to rescue animals and restore lands in Australia. 

It is estimated that one billion of animals were killed in the bushfires last year. 

“As a business that cares deeply for animals, people and the planet, responding to the bushfires in Australia with funding support to impacted wildlife is simply the right thing to do,” Tricia Stevens, LUSH Manager of Charitable Giving and Ethical Campaigns, said. 

“By directing customer support from the purchase of All the Wild Things to grassroots animal rescue organisations, we will be able to have a direct impact on their lives and the environment in which they live.” 

LUSH is another beauty brand that takes action to support wildlife. 

Last week, a vegan brand Arctic Fox Hair Color announced it would donate all of its monthly online sales to support animal organisations. 

9 Jun 2022
Agi Kaja

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