Micro-Bakery Sells Giant Vegan Doughnuts
23 Sept 2021 by Karris

Hull-based vegan bakery 'Revival Coffee and Donuts' is delivering giant doughnuts to their local customers. 

The bakery that sells sweet goodies has created a giant vegan doughnut and posted a photo of it on social media.

In their post, they wrote: “We didn’t think our donuts were big enough already”.  

The company’s founders Megan Hayward and Jack Nicklas started selling their hand made doughnuts in October 2019. 

The most popular flavours are The Loaded Biscoff and The Peanut Butter Cup, filled with raspberry jam and topped with a vegan peanut butter cup. 

Hayward said the company currently sells its products for wholesale at local businesses and markets. 

They also offer a local delivery service.

“We were planning to open our shop on Good Friday, but due to the coronavirus, we have had to postpone,” Hayward told Livekindly.

 “We are continuing to work from our micro-bakery. [Revival offers] a free local delivery service—or a ‘knock-and-run’ service as we deliver to the doorstep!”

23 Sept 2021

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