More Than Half Of UK University Students Choose Vegan Products In The Bakeries
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

And they would choose a vegan product even if they were not vegan, according to a new study commissioned by a bakery supplier Dawn Foods on their annual vegan bakery pop-up event at the University College Birmingham.

More than half (56%) of students said they would choose a vegan product even if they were not vegan. 
A quarter of the students said they would follow a vegan diet due to health concerns and because of animal welfare. Only 19% said they would not buy a vegan product. 

The only problem for students when making a purchase decision was the price of vegan products. Most students said that vegan products were too expensive.

What kind of pastries do young people buy in the bakeries?
Students prefer cakes as their top choice, with cookies and muffins in second place. Sixty-one per cent of people said appearance was key for purchase, and the homemade look of the products. 

“Dawn Foods has a strong link with the University College in Birmingham through our student ambassador programme. The bakery pop-up event, which is now in its second year with the university college, is a simple but effective way to gauge consumer response to our products and see why people make certain decisions,” said Jacqui Passmore, marketing manager for Dawn Foods. 
“This year’s event looked at vegan as the category will be a focus for Dawn in 2020 with new products and innovations to be launched.”, she added. 

The food preferences and choices of young generations are helping determine what you'll find in the shops in the future and that means that soon there will be more vegan products on the market. 

23 Sept 2021

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