New Plant-based Beef Burgers From THIS Are Hitting The Shelves
16 Sept 2022 by Agi Kaja

Popular plant-based meat brand THIS has launched their first beef alternatives.

The company has unveiled its first vegan burger and vegan mince products claimed to be healthier alternative to meat. Both THIS Isn’t Beef Burgers and THIS Isn’t Mince are high in fibre and containing less fat than “the average meat equivalent”.

The products are super realistic and closely mimic the taste and texture of beef meat.

The burgers use ‘Fat 2.0’, a substitute for animal fat. The bespoke fat was created by This from olive oil and it enhances the meaty succulence and taste.

THIS told The Grocer they wanted to “narrow the gap” in sales between plant-based and meat mince with its spin on the staple, while the burger used “carefully selected pea protein and bespoke natural flavouring for a beefy and chargrilled taste”.

The new products will be available at supermarkets nationwide and foodservice from 26th September. 

THIS has been constanly working on improving the flavour and texture of their vegan chicken products.

Recently they have launched frozen plant-based meat range, vegan ready meals and the range of ready-to-go snacks. Earlier this year, the brand launched plant-based caramelised onion sausages.

16 Sept 2022
Agi Kaja

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