New Premium Vegan Meatballs To Launch In Sweden
23 Sept 2021 by Agi Kaja

Sweden’s oldest vegan brand Astrid & Aporna cooperated with food tech start-up Mycorena AB to develop vegan ‘Svenska Göttbullar’ under the brand Astrid & Aporna. The aim is to launch an exclusive, premium vegan product that is made using Mycorena’s proprietary mycoprotein Promyc. The new Promyc balls are developed and produced in Mycorena’s new Innovation centre and pilot production facility in Göteborg.

Astrid & Aporna is the oldest and most widely known vegan brand in Scandinavia, with all their products being produced outside of Sweden. With the new collaboration with Mycorena, the company aims to make its first original Swedish produced product with all the ingredients sourced from Sweden, with the ‘Från Sverige’ (From Sweden) label.

Promyc is a vegan fungi-based protein ingredient with a neutral taste and a meat-like texture. Promyc has been impressing chefs and culinary enthusiasts and offers a highly nutritious profile with a complete protein and fiber content. Promyc is one of its kind fermentation-derived protein sources possessing significantly lower environmental impact than animal or plant-based alternatives.

In a statement sent to TheVeganKind, Mycorena Founder, Ram Nair said: “When we launched our Promyc vego balls in stores for a smaller customer validation test earlier this year, we never imagined that it would make a big success, that Sweden’s oldest vegan brand Astrid & Aporna would get interested to take it forward. Now with Kale United fostering the collaboration, we are sure that we can cater Promyc to a wider customer segment of Astrid Aporna and also other companies within the Kale United portfolio in the future. We are also excited that this collaboration in fact validates our ambition to become the largest mycoprotein ingredient supplier."

Kale United Founder - the owner company of Astrid & Aporna, Måns Ullerstam, said: “For Kale United this is a dream come true. We have always wanted to produce Astrid & Aporna in Sweden. As one of the very few mycoprotein companies in Europe, Mycorena is clearly the pioneer in Scandinavia. Being the oldest vegan company in Sweden, Astrid & Aporna is also known for exploring new possibilities and following the market trend. In that context, I’m proud that we could build this amazing relationship between the two companies. This also proves our philosophy that cross-linking between our portfolio companies can create real impact within the vegan space, while making a true gourmet product.”

23 Sept 2021
Agi Kaja

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