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20 Jul 2022 by Agi Kaja

Following a vegan lifestyle is not restricted only to food. Among other things, it also means a vegan holiday. The popularity of plant-based travelling has been growing in recent years. New vegan hotels and retreats regularly open in different places of the world where you can enjoy holidays without harming animals, the environment or yourself. Doesn't it sound like a vegan paradise? 

We've created a list of authentic vegan holiday destinations around Europe that you can easily reach by a maximum 2-3 hour flight from the UK. 

These fantastic hotels and bnbs offer a fully vegan experience, with relaxation, spa and delicious food made from locally grown organic produce. They provide a harmonious and cruelty-free accommodation while allowing the guests to lie back, relax and enjoy a healthy plant-based lifestyle. Every vegan will feel at home in these places.


Koukoumi 5* hotel is the 1st and only vegan hotel in Greece. In the Myconian dialect, Koukoumi means a cosy place sheltered from the wind. 

The hotel is situated in the heart of the Mykonos, in the traditional village of Ano Mera. Koukoumi was created to be a peaceful sanctuary, showing a more intimate side of the island and promoting a vegan life philosophy which fully satisfies the guests' needs. 


Villa Vegana is located on a hilltop near Selva in Mallorca. It is a marvellous place surrounded by olive, almond, lemon and orange trees. The hotel offers a 100% vegan experience from the cuisine, vegan toiletries and cleaning products, furnishing and decoration - everything is cruelty-free. The hotel runs a plant-based restaurant specialising in fusion cuisine, serving seasonal comfort food and ethnic food from all around the world and vegan versions of local Spanish dishes, for example, vegan chorizo or coca flatbread. The guests can enjoy beautiful views and an outdoor pool. 

Meson Mudejar vegan B&B is located in a valley between the hills of the Sierra de Almijara in the Southern Spanish region of Andalucia. The retreat is set in a restored 18th-century farm building. This lovely place is located on the Mudejar Route, passing through ancient Moorish villages and towns. It's a paradise for those who enjoy walking and cycling, with routes located around the place, passing the River Turvilla. The kitchen serves vegan food, homemade burger patties and vegan cheese. The drive to the seaside takes only 30 minutes. 


Agriturismo Coroncina located in the hilly region of Marche, follows the vegan philosophy that "all life is sacred". For the owners of the retreat, it is not only a philosophy but also their way of life. They say: "Everything comes from the heart, for the heart with the heart." The retreat offers pure vegan cuisine and gluten-free and macrobiotic options. The kitchen team uses only seasonal products grown in the hotel's own organic garden. They also produce their own olive oil. There is a sauna and outdoor pool for the guests.

La Vimea is a vegan hotel located in Naturno, a picturesque village in the Italian Dolomites surrounded by the most beautiful South Tyrolean mountains. The hotel promises its guest a '360-degree sustainability experience'. Opened in 2016, it is the first completely vegan hotel in Italy where you can stay in harmony with nature. The hotel offers a spa with massages, a park with centuries-old trees and a swimming pond. There is also a large natural wooden platform for practising yoga outdoors. The restaurant serves organic, seasonal and holistic dishes with locally grown seasonal fruit and vegetables. La Vimea is a haven for adults, offering tranquillity, wellness and a lot of sun! 


Almodovar Hotel is situated in central Friedrichshain, Berlin, the capital of Germany. It is a perfect destination for a city break stay. The hotel rooms are large enough to practice yoga (rooms are equipped with yoga mats!) It also has a rooftop spa allowing the guests to enjoy some time of relaxation. The restaurant offers organic vegan and veggie options for breakfast and brunch, including vegan scramble and German vegan sausages. During the day, the many features Mediterranean plant-based dishes. Berlin is one of the most veganised cities in the world, offering visitors a full vegan experience with many restaurants, services, plant-based supermarkets and vegan fashion shops. 

The Netherlands

Vegotel has four locations in the Netherlands: Blije, Heegermeer, Wyns and Schoonoord. Each site is decorated in a different style, but all of them offer 100% vegan food and bicycles for rent. Vegotel Blije is located in a farmhouse from 1885. Vegotel Heegermeer offers several cottages located near the beaches and watersports. Vegotel Wyns has cottages for guests located in the meadows, and Vegotel Schoonoord, in Drenthe, is perfect for those who love walking and cycling. Guests can enjoy breakfast featuring plant-based cheeses, vegan slices, homemade breads and jams. 

koukoumi hotel greece.png

Koukoumi Hotel Greece

Villa Vegana Mallorca.png

Villa Vegana Mallorca

meson mudejar.png

Agriturismo Coroncina, Italy

coroncina vegan.png

La Vimea Hotel, Italy

La Vimea hotel.png

Almodovar Hotel, Berlin

Almodovar hotel, Berlin.png

Vegotel Blije,The Netherlands

Vegotel Blije.png

20 Jul 2022
Agi Kaja

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