PLASTIC FREE JULY: Why you should cut down on plastic at home, and how to do it!
8 Jul 2022 by Jordan Robertson

The long and short of it, is that plastic pollution is one of the main contributors to the environmental crisis that we currently face here on earth. The negative effects of plastic on the environment can be seen right from the off, as the production of the synthetic material releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which contribute to global warming.

Plastic isn’t a biodegradable material which means once it’s created, it remains on earth forever. Often, it lingers in large landfill sites, where it is exposed to the elements and varying weather conditions, which play their part in breaking down the material and releasing even more harmful gases into the air, and if it doesn’t make its way to the landfill sites, then it often finds its way into our oceans, where it poses a serious threat to all marine life.

According to reports, the UK generates around 2.36 metric tons (mt) of plastic waste per year – for context, only the United States generates more. Whilst this may seem bleak, and it may feel like a world without plastic is impossible, there are several easy steps we can all take at home to reduce our plastic usage and improve the outlook for the future!

Ditch the plastic toothbrush!

We all like to keep those gnashers gleamin’, but sadly our home dental routines are one of the most common contributors of plastic waste in the home! Plastic toothbrushes, toothpaste packages, mouthwash bottle, dental floss – it’s never ending.

Thankfully, there are plenty of plastic-free dental products out there! Perfect for eliminating nasty gases from being released into the environment – in more ways than one! Why not check out these chewable toothpaste tablets that come in nice plastic free packaging, and this TVK branded bamboo toothbrush?

Make smarter choices in the kitchen

No one likes a messy kitchen, right?

You know what else no-one likes? Depletion of the ozone layer caused by kitchen bin bags laying around in landfill sites – so ditch the plastic bin liners, and opt for a biodegradable plastic free alternative!

It’s estimated that an astronomical 40 billion plastic kitchen items, such as sponges and brushes, are disposed of every single year – which means it’s the perfect time to swap the old, sad-looking plastic-backed kitchen sponge that you’ve had lying around forever and upgrade to a reusable biodegradable sponge instead.

The only thing better than a clean kitchen is a clean, plastic-free kitchen, and here at TVK, we have you covered! Check out some of our zero-waste kitchen products here.

Re-evaluate your beauty routine

Picture the scene: You’ve just finished your morning dental routine using your plastic-free toothbrush, and now you’ve sat down to begin your beauty routine, but there’s only one issue - everything is plastic!

So many cosmetic products are packaged in tiny plastic bottles and tubs, which means that once you buy them, they barely last you for any long periods of time before you have to throw them in the bin and repeat the process all over again.

It doesn’t need to be this way though (noticing a trend here?)

More and more companies are moving away from plastic packaging for cosmetics and beauty products, to more sustainable alternatives. There are even brands, such as Milly & Sissy, that are 100% committed to providing affordable, reusable, zero-waste cosmetics!

The problem with coffee

There’s no getting away from the fact that here in the UK, we all love our coffee-to-go. Sadly though, the negative environmental impact that comes alongside takeaway coffees far outweighs the short-term enjoyment we may get from it!

Roughly 16 billion single use disposable coffee cups are handed out from takeaway chains each year, so whilst they may be convenient and allow you to get a sweet caffeine hit on your way to work in the morning, they are seriously damaging our planet in the long run.

Instead, why not save the planet (and save yourself some serious cash too!) and set aside some time in the morning to make your own coffee, and take it on the go with you in a funky reusable cup!

The figures surrounding plastic waste may seem irreversible, and it may feel impossible to make a change, but it’s clear that simple changes in the home can really make a big impact! Why not give these changes a go for plastic free July?

8 Jul 2022
Jordan Robertson

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