Record 500,000 People Joins Veganuary
9 Jun 2022 by Agi Kaja

A record 500,000 participants have signed up to Veganuary this year. The number of people who will eat only plant-based food for a month doubled compared to January 2019.

Most of those taking the pledge are located in South America (150,000),  25% are from the UK (125,000), 80,000 are from the US, 50,000 live in Germany. 

Veganuary is a worldwide campaign encouraging people to try vegan diet for a month every year in January.

There are many reasons why people reduce their meat and dairy consumption. Among the most popular reasons to go vegan are: improving health, minimising animal suffering and environmental damage caused by the farming industry. According to multiple researches ditching meat is a single best way people can do to help the climate and wildlife crisis.

According to the study from the Swiss investment bank UBS, more consumers are trying plant based food alternatives. Between March and November the number of people trying vegan food rose from 48% to 53% . The study also found that half of those who try plant-based alternatives to meat will continue to eat them at least once a week. 

“It really feels to me that plant-based eating is no longer controversial,” said Toni Vernelli from Veganuary. “Pretty much everyone has accepted we need to be reducing animal products in our diets for environmental reasons.”

“The way British supermarkets have embraced Veganuary this year is truly game-changing,” she said. “They are not simply using it as a marketing opportunity, but are promoting the many benefits of plant-based eating. As bastions of our food supply, they know that the only sustainable way forward is plant-focused.”

9 Jun 2022
Agi Kaja

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