Scottish Brand Equi’s Launches Luxury Vegan Ice Cream For Veganuary
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

Scottish luxury ice cream producer Equi's is launching vegan strawberry flavour for Veganuary in shops and restaurants across Glasgow. 

Responding to consumer demand for high-quality dairy-free frozen desserts, the artisan ice cream manufacturer developed new ‘Strictly Strawberry’ flavour.

Equi's is an award-winning ice cream business run by the same family for four generations.

The company uses high-quality coconut oil for the smooth texture as an alternative to traditional milk. 

The new product is now available in 25 independent convenience stores and restaurants across Glasgow & Lanarkshire.

Chris Law, head of sales and marketing at Equi’s Ice Cream said:

“Even though plant-based ice cream is a very small segment of the overall ice cream category, it represents one of the biggest growth opportunities."

“We are extremely experimental here at Equi’s and love creating new products and flavours for ice cream lovers to enjoy. Our new dairy-free ice cream has a beautifully smooth texture and has the same indulgence that our customers expect from all Equi’s products."

“It has already proven extremely popular with our independent retailers across West central Scotland and we can’t wait to hear more feedback from our customers.” 

23 Sept 2021

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