Starbucks UK Is About To Launch A Range Of New Vegan Options
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

Vegan Food UK has reported that Starbucks UK is launching new vegan options soon. 

The new vegan menu includes Jackfruit & Cheese Grain Bowl, Chocolate & Coconut Overnight Oats and Chocolate & Raspberry Cake.

Vegan Food UK received a picture of the new plant-based items from a Starbucks insider. And they published it on their Instagram account. 

"One of our insiders has given us a photo of the new menu for Starbucks," they wrote on Instagram. 

"Take a look on our page also for the other item coming, which is Chocolate & Coconut Overnight Oats.”

"We believe this may launch for Veganuary or sooner, along with some other bits, but let us know if you spot it at any Starbucks."

23 Sept 2021

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