The Vegan Revolution Can Reverse Global Warming
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

The current food system is not sustainable. We cannot feed 9 billion people and fulfill the ever-growing demand for meat. Farming animals and growing crops to feed them consumes a third of freshwater and almost half of our planet's lands. All around the world the remaining forests are being cut and the new land used for farming. Industrial farming is destroying biodiversity and accelerating global warming. Over 15% of gas emissions comes from animal farming. 

Is feeding the people and healing the planet possible?

Plant-based food companies claim that if a significant part of our society adapts for plant-based diet it will have an enormously positive effect on global warming. All plant-based meat producers have similar goals: revolutionise agriculture, eliminate animals from the food system, improve human health and reverse global warming.

What do plant-based meat producers use for their products?

Natural ingredients such as soy for the texture, potato protein for flavour and nutrition, fermented soy for flavour, coconut oil for fat. The priority is taste. The most important for meat replacement producers is to give the meat-eaters the real experience. 
"What we do here is: we take simple natural ingredients, we take our knowledge of what those ingredients are and we recombine them to make amazing delicious products"- says a food technology representative from Impossible Foods in an interview for Al Jazeera. The company’s mission is to eliminate animals from the food system by 2035.
The demand is growing and the plant-based meats are already served in major fast-food restaurant chains around the world, fine dining restaurants and sold in popular supermarkets. There are only two things that have to be done - spread the awareness and make sure that the plant-based meat is accessible to everyone. 

23 Sept 2021

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